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Ariesys provides all-in-one portable computer for live streaming and recording system


The ARP670 is a mobile 7-slot portable workstation with rugged aluminum extrusion chassis construction and corner bumper protection. It utilizes the latest Intel Core processor for the fastest processing and best value in the market. Also available is dual Multi-Core Xeon processors when ultra high processing demand is needed. The unit compacts around a 17" high resolution 1280x1024 LCD and with optional full HD 1920x1080 available. Offers both internal and removable drive space which is capable of full scaling. Everything is combine in a portable package with USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and a foldable keyboard w/ touchpad. charged.





ARP670 is an all-in-one design for live streaming and recording system in all kinds of events.

Installing a capture board with software, It allows users to switch multiple cameras, videos, photos, audio, PowerPoint, titles and chroma key. Users can display, record and live-stream production on the same system.

It is widely used in most occasions such as campuses, live training, remote conferences, live sports game and so on.



Who Should Use?


• TV Broadcaster

• Telecommunication

• Sports, New Media

• Government and public association

• School, cram school and learning centers

• Religious Association



  • Rugged Aluminum Construction with shock absorbing rubber corners

  • Built-in 17.3”, 1920x 1080 LCD display with anti-reflection tempered glass, Option: 17.3", 3840x 2160 resolution

  • 7-slot for ATX MB, 10-slot for SBC with Backplane

  • 750W power supply, 100~240VAC

  • Offer 1x 5.25”, 2x 3.5” drive bays

  • Anti-reflection tempered glass protect LCD

  • Industrial multi-language Keyboard with touchpad

  • The keyboard is integrated with the portable computer to protect the screen and easy to carry

  • Large handle provide convenience transportation of the portable computer with comfort and ease

  • Trolley case to manage portable PC with ease

Ariesys Technology Co. LTD. is a leading manufacturer and solution provider for industrial military computing design, fabrication and manufacturing. With years of experience in the field of OEM/ODM for leading companies ranging from military computer hardware to commercial system requirement. We incorporate leading mechanical, electrical and system engineers to provide complete system platform.


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