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Ariesys Technology Co. LTD. is a leading manufacturer and solution provider for industrial military computing design, fabrication and manufacturing. With years of experience in the field of OEM/ODM for leading companies ranging from military computer hardware to commercial system requirement. We incorporate leading mechanical, electrical and system engineers to provide complete system platform.


Our products include:

Ruggedized computer system - Portable computing platform with capability to meet MIL-STD and IP rating, customizable processing and storage capacity on demand.

Touch panel computers - Touch screen enabled panel mount PC, Point-of-service PCs for operator panel, information terminal.

Rack LCD console - Rack mount LCD console and console KVM switch using a slide-out, space-saving design.

Ruggedized field book - Fully integrated field use notebook capable of withstanding harshest environment.

Military field display and computing - Fully designed and constructed to meet the grueling environment of military and ultra rugged industrial applications.

Custom Design and Fabrication - The ultimate solution which we customized and tailored our existing products or brand new concept to your needs.

Testing - Perform full testing of product for environment and emission as well as any special requirement that can tested for conformity.




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