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AMK508                                 1U, Single Rail 17.3", 1920x 1080 LCD Keyboard drawer, 521mm depth


  • Meets EIA310c & IEC-3 specifications

  • 1U, Single Slide Rail, built-in 17.3" LCD keyboard drawer with 8-port Combo (PS2& USB), DVI or HDMI KVM switch

  • Built-in 17.3", 1920x 1080 LCD, option: 17.3", 1600x 900 LCD

  • 8-port Combo, DVI or HDMI KVM switch with keyboard and touchpad for connecting to PC ports

  • 1U, short depth and lightweight

  • 2 thumb screws to lock the 17.3" LCD monitor

  • Industrial keyboard and touchpad

  • Built-in rail self-locking device

  • Tempered glass protect LCD screen

  • No software required- Easy PC selection via Front push buttons, Hot keys, On Screen Display


Model No AMK508-CB AMK508-VB AMK508-HB

Heavy-duty steel

Drawer Design

1U, Single Slide Rail self-locking device for 19" rackmount


17.3", 1920x 1080 resolution with tempered glass

Option: 17.3", 1600x 900 resolution with tempered glass

Protection Tempered glass protect LCD screen
Physical Security 2 thumb screws to secure LCD monitor
KVM switch 8 port Combo KVM 8 port DVI-D KVM 8 port HDMI KVM
Port selection 8x Front push buttons, OSD Manu, Hotkey
LED indication

Power LED indicates a computer is connecting

Operation LED indicates the port has been selecting


Industrial keyboard with touchpad

Option KB: CH, FR, GR, IT, JP, KR, PT, RU, SP, UK, US

Power Supply Built-in 60W, 90~264VAC Auto Switch, Operating Temp.: -20~70°C
Power Consumption 3 watts stand-by, 25 watts in-use
Dimension 442.4 x 44 x 521 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 11 kgs
KVM Cable 8x 1.8m USB KVM cable 8x 1.8m DVI/ USB cable 8x 1.8m HDMI/ USB cable
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 50°C ( 32 ~ 122°F)
Storage Temp. -20 ~ 60°C ( -4 ~ 140°F)
Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH
Approvals CE, FCC class A, RoHS

KVM Switch

  • 8 port COMBO, DVI or HDMI KVM

  • Support Windows, DOS, Netware, Unix, Linux, iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Micro Systems

  • Hot Plug- add or remove connected computer without powering off the KVM switch or computer.

  • No software required. Easy computer selection via Front Push Button , Hot Key, OSD menu.

  • Auto Scan mode. Easy to monitor Server Operation.

Ordering Information
Product No. Description
AMK508-17WCBUS 1U, 17.3", 1920x 1080 LCD keyboard drawer, 8-port COMBO KVM, USB KB/MS with 1.8m KVM cable
AMK508-17WVBUS 1U, 17.3", 1920x 1080 LCD keyboard drawer, 8-port DVI-D KVM, USB KB/MS with 1.8m DVI/USB cables
AMK508-17WHBUS 1U, 17.3", 1920x 1080 LCD keyboard drawer, 8-port HDMI KVM, USB KB/MS with 1.8m HDMI/USB cables
Option: 80W, 24~48VDC
Keyboard layout: CH, FR, GR, KR, RU, UK, US
Packing List
1 * AMK Rack LCD Console 1 * User's manual
1 * Power Cord 1 * Screw Pack
8 * 1.8m KVM cables 1 * Foam with Box
2 * Brackets  


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