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ARP693-21J                                 Triple 21.5" LCD, 1920x 1080 resolution Multi-slot Portable Computer


  • All-in-one design rugged portable computer

  • Built-in 3x 21.5" LCD display support Full HD, 1920x 1080 resolution

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6209U processor

  • Offer 4 PCIe full-length expansion capability

  • M.2 500G SSD, 4x 2.5" removable, 2x 5.25", 6x 3.5" drive bays

  • 32GB RAM, 2x 10G LAN

  • NVIDIA T1000, 8GB graphic card for 3-screens

  • Creates a stretched desktop with a maximal resolution of 5760x1080 (3x 1920x 1080)

  • Open an application on each display or span one across 3-screens

  • Experience Surround gaming by expanding supported 3D games

  • Industrial keyboard multi-language with touchpad

  • 750W power supply, 100~240VAC

  • Trolley case to manage portable PC with ease

Model No ARP693-21J
Construction Aluminum Construction with rubber corners

Intel Xeon Gold 6209U, 20 core processor


3x 21.5" LCD display, 1920x 1080 resolution,


4 PCIe full-length expansion slots

Graphic card

Nvidia T1000, 8GB graphic card for 3-screens

M.2 SSD M.2 500G SSD
Drive bay Offer 4x 2.5" removable, 2x 5.25", 6x 3.5" drive bay
Memory 2x 16GB RAM
LAN 2 RJ45 10GBase-T ports

Offer 7 full-length expansion slots


Industrial keyboard with touchpad, Operating life of keys: 8 million cycles

Option KB: CH, FR, GR, IT, JP, KR, PT, RU, SP, UK, US

Power Supply 750W, 100~240VAC, Auto switch
Speaker Built-in amplified 2x 3W speakers
Dimension 536Wx 394.5Hx 297.5D mm
Weight 22 kgs
Trolley Case Padded Trolley case with wheels


Environmental Factors
  Operating Non-Operating
Temperature 0°C~50°C -20°C~60°C
Relative Humidity 10%~90% 10%~95%
Approval CE, FCC, RoHS
Ordering Information
Product No. Description

3x 21.5" LCD, Intel Xeon 6209U, 32GB RAM, M.2 500GB, Nvidia T1000, 750W PSU, Trolley case


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