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Multiple Option Rack LCD Console with 17, 19 LCD Keyboard Drawer

The integration of data and video, and voice communication in computers and the subsequent technological advances have spawn many sophisticated CTI applications that have become accessible and affordable to the small and mid-sized business. The increasing CTI applications coupled with the growing demand for corresponding hardware and systems have created a dilemma: How does one pack the growing number of equipment into existing space?

Ariesys's 1U slim industrial monitor keyboard, the AMK, is the solution for compacting more computing power into limited space. This revolutionary monitor keyboard combines a spectacular display coupled with a keyboard with built-in pointing device in a compact unit that measures only 1U in height. Occupying a fraction of the space of traditional monitor and keyboard units, the installation of the AMK leaves ample space for other critical components. With built-in analog-to-digital conversion board, the AMK can be connected to any standard VGA graphics card for immediate on-screen display. The monitor keyboard unit has a built-in slide rail and mounts easily onto any 19" rackmount cabinet.

KVM Information
The AMK 801 is a single port PS2/USB keyboard/mouse connection for connecting to your single server or existing KVM switch box. The AMK 808/816 comes with built in 8 ports or 16 ports KVM switch. It supports both PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse connection without having to deal with unwanted adapter. Simple cable solution will carry the VGA signal without input device signal to help rid of unwanted mess. The KVM has integrated OSD and hot key to help control and manage the switch connecting to multiple systems to better productivity in a space saving solution.



Products News


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Multiple Option Rack LCD Console with 17, 19 LCD Keyboard Drawer


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AMK801 AMK808




  • Meets EIA310c & IEC-3 specifications

  • 1U, Single rail, built-in A-grade 17" or 19" LCD Monitor, PS2 or USB keyboard and touchpad

  • USB or PS2 interface for connecting to PC ports

  • Includes a key-locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access

  • 104 keys notebook type keyboard with touch pad

  • Provides up to 130-degree monitor rotation for viewing flexibility

  • Built-in rail self-locking device

  • Tempered glass protect LCD screen


  • 8 port/ 16 port PS2/ Combo KVM switch

  • Touch Screen

  • Speaker

  • Beige RAL7035 (White) Color

  • 24VDC, 48VDC

  • KVM cable: 1.8m/ 3.0m/ 5.0m

  • Keyboard layout: CH, FR, GR, KR, RU, SP, UK, US


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