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ARP670 Rugged Portable Chassis with 17 LCD display for ATX MB or SBC with PBP

The ARP670 is a multi-slot computing chassis with rugged aluminum portable chassis construction and shock absorbing rubber corners protection. The ARP670 provides 7 expansion slots, supports a standard ATX motherboard, and the ARP670-S provides 10 slots, supports SBC with Backplane, and built-in a 17” TFT LCD display with tempered glass 1280x 1024 resolution and a detachable laptop type multi-languages keyboard and integrated touchpad. The storage consists of 1x 5.25" drive bay, 1x slim DVD-RW, and 2x 3.5" drive bays. The build-in DVD-RW device is suitable for a high speed recording or backup of valuable information. It is powered by a PS2 650W power supply and has built-in speakers. It compact size built using heavy duty metal to provide tough, go-anywhere powerful and versatile portable chassis that allows users develop the test and measurement applications, and capable of a wide range of applications, such as power industry applications, military applications, and telecommunication applications. The idea carrying case with wheels for traveling with portable computer, whether shipping via common carrier or checking portable computer at the airport, the case will allow you to manage the valuable cargo with ease.

Applications: Military, Industrial automation, Digital TV test & analysis, Mobile Computing, Outdoor Computers,

                    video conferencing, E-learning, Speech Technologies, Portable Workstation, Telemedicine, Multimedia,

                    Mission Critical Computing

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Rugged Aluminum Construction with shock absorbing rubber corners

● Built-in 17” LCD display with tempered glass, 1280x 1024, 16.7M,

   300 nits brightness, MTBF: 50,000 hrs

● Designed for Standard ATX M/B/ SBC with Backplane

● Offer 7/ 10 full length slots expansion capability

● Laptop type multi-languages keyboard with touchpad

● PS2 650W power supply, 100~240VAC

● Offer 1x 5.25”, 1x slim DVD-RW, 2x 3.5” drive bays

   Option: 2x 5.25”, 1x slim DVD-RW, 1x 3.5” drive bays

● Anti-reflection tempered glass protect LCD

● Carrying case to manage portable PC with ease



ARIESYS is a leading manufacturer and solution provider for industrial military computing design, fabrication and manufacturing.
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