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堅固耐用的攜帶式電腦機箱,用於工業背板+單板電腦的攜帶式電腦機箱 - 鋁製結構,防震橡膠
  • 堅固耐用的攜帶式電腦機箱,配有17", 17.3", 21.5", 23.8" 螢幕, 鍵盤和觸控式滑鼠

  • 採用堅固鋁結構的一體化設計

  • 可自行安裝工業背板+單板電腦的攜帶式電腦機箱

  • 移動式電腦手提箱( 拉桿與輪子), 便於攜帶移動

ARP650- 攜帶式電腦機箱 (SBC + PBP)

型號: ARP650


Rugged Portable chassis with 15" LCD display, 1024x 768, support SBC with Backplane, offer 11 expansion slot, Multi-language keyboard and touchpad, 1U 400W power supply, 2x 3.5", 1x slim DVD-RW drive bay, carrying case


ARP670-S- 攜帶式電腦機箱 (SBC + PBP)

型號: ARP670-S


Rugged Portable chassis with 17" LCD display, 1280x 1024, support SBC with Backplane, offer 10 expansion slot, Multi-language keyboard and touchpad, PS2 750W power supply, slim DVD-RW, carrying case


ARP670- S14, 14-slot for SBC + backplane

型號: ARP670-S14


Designed for SBC with backplane

14-slot expansion slot

Portable chassis with 17/17.3" LCD display, 1U 600W power supply

Industrial keyboard with touchpad

Carrying case




Applications: Military, Industrial automation, Digital TV test & analysis, Mobile Computing, Outdoor Computers, E-learning, video conferencing, Speech Technologies, Telemedicine, Portable Workstation, Multimedia, Mission Critical Computing



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