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Rugged Portable Computer Manufacturer

     攜帶式電腦( laptop version )
     3-Screen Portable Workstation:

     1U, 單滑軌, 螢幕鍵盤切換組:

     1U, 雙滑軌, 螢幕鍵盤切換組:




   -Mar. 28, 2013-  Computex 2013, welcome to visit us at K0011 in Nangang Exhibition Hall

   -Mar. 27, 2013-  AMK801-17W, 17.3", 1920x 1080 with DVI-D input, PS2 or USB KB/MS

   -Mar. 27, 2013-  ARP693 3-screen portable computer for ATX or EATX MB (4x 5.25", 2x 3.5" model)

   -Oct. 03, 2012-  ARL970-B Rugged laptop with 17.3" LCD, Intel QM77, support Sandy bridge and Ivy Bridge

   -Jul. 20, 2012-  ARP690-P Rugged Portable Chassis with 21.5" LCD, PS2 650W power supply


Rugged Portable Workstation   Rugged Portable System   Industrial Rugged Laptop   LCD Keyboard Drawer

Rugged portable workstation with   15", 17", 21.5" LCD, for installing ATX MB, Micro ATX MB or SBC with backplane


Rugged portable computer with 15" LCD, Intel Core 2 Duo/ Intel i5/ i7 CPU, with 3 PCI-E/ 3 PCI-X/ 2PCI, 1PCI-E full-length slots


Industrial Rugged Laptop with 17.3" LCD, Intel Core 2 Duo/ Intel i5/ i7 CPU, with 2 PCI or 2 PCI-E (x1 x16) full-length slots


LCD Keyboard drawer, 1U, 17", 19" LCD, Single-rail or Dual-rail, 1, 8 or 16-port PS2 or COMBO KVM switch with cables


NANGANG Exhibition Hall, Booth No: K0011, K0012

2013 產品型錄

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